See this new picture of five generations of Batemans with some notes.

Numerous random family pictures with captions from the Alfred John and Clara family can be found here.

Pictures of a recent Russell Rulon and Myrna Gaye Bateman family reunion in May 2009 can be found here.

Here are the grandchildren of Alfred John and Clara Hess Bateman in the summer of 1932, taken at Lucille's home, at one of the first family reunions. This was the first John and Clara Bateman family reunion and was organized by Lucile Johnson.

Front row (left to right): Russell (Russell Rulon Bateman, about 2½, youngest of Alfred Hess and Idella Bateman); Flora Mae (Flora Mae Bateman Curry Black, daughter of Dr. George Monroe and Florence Bateman); Tom (Thomas Hess Bateman, son of LeRoy and Alice Bateman); Alph (Dr. Alphalus Bateman, son of Harold Claude and Charlotte Bateman); Russell Johnson (George Russell Johnson, oldest of Lucile Clara Bateman Johnson Maughn Roundy).
2nd Row (left to right): Jack (Dr. John J. Bateman, son of Harold Claude and Charlotte Bateman), Helen (Helen Grayce Bateman Kenworthy Glines, of Alfred Hess and Idella Bateman), Joyce (Joyce Bateman Adams, of LeRoy and Alice Bateman).
3rd Row (left to right): Orden (Alfred Van Orden Bateman, aobut 7, oldest of Alfred Hess and Idella Bateman), Glendon (Glendon Hall Bateman, of LeRoy and Alice Bateman).
Top: Rao Bateman (Rao Henry Bateman, youngest son of John and Clara Hess Bateman).

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Here is a second picture of Alfred Hess' and Idella Van Orden's children taken about that same time (or, at the latest, 1933).

This picture of Emmeline Bigler, presumably the only one extant: